Adding a Quiz to a Lesson or Topic

  1. Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Quizzes.
  2. Click the Settings tab (next to All Quizzes) and enable Quiz Builder. If you want to customize the email notifications you receive when a user completes a quiz, edit the Admin Notifications section under Quiz Email Settings. Click Save.
  3. Go to All Quizzes and click the Add New button.
  4. Enter a title in the Add Quiz Title field.
  5. In the Settings tab (next to the Quiz Page tab), select the Associated Course and then the Associated Lesson (or Topic).
  6. In the Progression and Restriction Settings, you can set a Passing Score, restrict Quiz Retakes, and set a Time Limit if applicable.

  7. Under the Display and Content Options, enable Autostart of the quiz by selecting the Start Automatically checkbox.

  8. Choose your Question Display (one question at a time, or all at once).

  9. In the Results Page Display setting, you can display a result message, enable a Restart Quiz button, display average scores of all users and enable Custom Answer Feedback if applicable.
  10. Once your settings are configured, click the Publish/Update button.
  11. Next click the Builder tab and the click the New Question link.

  12. Enter a title and click the Add Question button (The question title is only for internal use. It is not displayed to the user).
  13. Click the down arrow next to your question and select the question layout from the dropdown menu: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, etc.

  14. Next, click the edit icon to add content to your question and then click Save.

  15. Click the edit icon next to the Answer field to enter your answer and click Update Answer. If you would like to display a message for correct/incorrect answers, you can add below in the Question Settings.

  16. To add another question, repeat the process.
  17. When done, click Update.